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Tell Me If It's Too Tight by iEevee Tell Me If It's Too Tight :iconieevee:iEevee 2 2 Mountain Dew by iEevee Mountain Dew :iconieevee:iEevee 6 0 I Love You, Mom by iEevee I Love You, Mom :iconieevee:iEevee 2 0 Poor Sick Puppy by iEevee Poor Sick Puppy :iconieevee:iEevee 5 0 A Real Trip Around a Real Mental Hospital by iEevee A Real Trip Around a Real Mental Hospital :iconieevee:iEevee 0 0 A Real Room in a Real Mental Hospital by iEevee A Real Room in a Real Mental Hospital :iconieevee:iEevee 2 2
The Outsiders - 9
Chapter 9 – The Fight
Miroku sat in an ambulance and stared at the back window. They had just drove away from the central hospital to the highway. And the destination was the hospital of Kuroshima – the loony bin, nuthouse, whatever.
Miroku remembered everything that had happened these past few days. He was first put straight to a stomach lavage, and from there to the intensive care for the night. He was on the edge of life and death, but made it. It took six days, and now he was returned to Kuroshima. Miroku was so upset. His attempt to get to his home world had been nullified – all wasted!
The ambulance stopped in front of the buiding K10 and the van's door opened. But Miroku didn't move an inch. He would never get in that cursed building again.
  ”Come out”, said the ambulance nurse, standing outside. Miroku didn't react. The nurse sighed:
  ”Ring the bell, we need more nurses...”
  And in no time nurses started flowing out fr
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The Outsiders - 8
Chapter 8 – The Tube
Kagome sat in the dining hall with a meal in front of her. The hall was empty and silent. All the other patients were gone. But Kagome sat still there. She hadn't eaten a forkful, even though it had been almost an hour since the lunch started. The nurse Kaede sat opposite her, waiting for the miracle to happen.
  ”Eat”, she compelled. Kagome didn't answer. ”Kagome, eat up.”
  And so they sat still. Nothing happened. Only the ticking of the clock could be heard.
  Finally the nurse, Kaede, sighed and got up from her chair. Kagome stared at her, her heart pounding.
  ”Alright”, Kaede huffed. ”Alright. Go. Go on.”
  And Kagome sure did. She jogged out of the dining hall into the corridor. She was very pleased of herself. She was strong. Stronger than food. And so she returned to her room.
Kagome seriously thought that she had succeeded. That she had got away with this, dodged a bullet. She
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The Outsiders - 7
Chapter 7 – Life is Short
Many of the patients woke to the shout of calling the ambulance. The doors of patients' rooms opened and either whispering or screaming people streamed out from the rooms to the corridor.
  The last sleepyhead was awaken when the ambulance stopped in front of the ward, sirens sounding. Even though the white-coats shooed the patients, they gathered to the windows to see what was happening.
Four ambulance nurses ran in with stretchers, heading straight to Inuyasha's and Miroku's room. Inuyasha pressed himself against the corner and followed the situation - how the ambulance nurses lift Miroku on the stretchers and strapped him with black belts. Then they ran out of the room. Inuyasha could hear them shouting to the patients in the corridor to move it, make way.
Everyone stood at the windows. Everyone except Inuyasha – he had seen enough!
  ”Miroku...” Jakotsu sniffed with his hand against the window as the ambulace drove away as
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The Outsiders - 6
Chapter 6 - The Ambulance
Miroku was incredibly relieved. Finally he would get home – home to the world where he belonged to! He had carefully hid the pill pouch under the wrist warmer in his right arm. He never took it off, not even in the shower. That was because there was a black hole, which would suck anyone and everything inside it if revealed – also himself, unless he got out of this world as soon as possible.
  The white-coats never believed this, and it was one of the reasons why he was in here.
But Miroku wouldn't take his death cocktail just yet. Just when it was bedtime. Now he would solemnise his final moments in this dimesion by joining the other patients in the activity room.
  Again, the activity room was filled with people. The round table was crammed,  even every windowsills were taken, let alone the couch. Kagura had apparently arranged a Singstar competition, and everyone wanted to sing.
I'm blue da-ba-dee-da-da-daa...
That's how Jakotsu sa
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Tell Me If It's Too Tight

”Give me me some kind of a sign if I'm strapping too tight”, Mitsuhiro said, standing behind Inuyasha's back, buckling the straight jacket's belts tight. Inuyasha seemed bored with this never ending strapping. But who wouldn't? 


In this part of my fan-fic "The Outsiders" Inuyasha is waiting for his daddy and big brother coming for a visit, and so he lets his own nurse wrap him in the straight jacket voluntarily. Everything has to go good now so he gets to see his beloved family. He knows that if he resists, he will be put in the isolation chamber and that's it then, no family meeting.

Note that I don't have anything like a 'wrapping fetish' or such. There just is lots of wrapping in the fic. 

Mountain Dew

While Inutaisho was gone, the brothers sat quiet in the family room. The coffee was ready, and Sesshomaru was sipping his cup.

”Do you want some?” he asked. Inuyasha gave no answer. Nor did Sesshomaru. But then he had an idea! He grabbed a Mountain Dew bottle, opened it with a fizz. and held it before his little brother's mouth.

”Here”, the man said. As Inuyasha tilted his head forward a bit, Sesshomaru started pouring the soda slowly in the boy's mouth.

Suddenly the door opened. Inutaisho came in. He looked very sad. But when he saw Sesshomaru giving Mountain Dew to drink, he started smiling a bit. He sat down next to his oldest son and put his muscular arm on his shoulders.

”Nice to see you're getting along”, he chuckled.

”Well, what did the doctor say?” Sesshomaru asked while pouring the soda in Inuyasha's mouth.

”We are starting ECT treatment again...”

Sesshomaru sighed. And as Inuyasha stopped drinking when the bottle was about half empty, Sesshomaru closed it and put it on the table.


A scene from a chapter from my story "The Outsiders". In this story Inuyasha and Sesshomaru have a quite warm relationship, even though Inuyasha seems pretty angry in this. It's just that he never smiles to anybody else than his dad.
I hate Sesshomaru's hand. I just cant draw hands. Please forgive me -_-'

I Love You, Mom
This is old. I'm not sure if I have submitted this in here already... But I just found this and wanted to submit.
Otherwise I think this is quite okay, but Izayoi's bangs... NO!
Poor Sick Puppy
Ah, again a pic of sick Inu. I just like doing them. Bah.
The Japanese signs over there are "kawaisouna", "poor guy". I'm quite sure Inu wouldn't like to hear those words as Kagome is singing in the kitchen while making some medicine for her puppy.
A Real Trip Around a Real Mental Hospital
Again one more introduction of this effin-nice-nuthouse I'm in just within one-and-a-half days. Last time I shoved you guys the inside. Now, I'm takin' you outside! This is quite a big hospital, and I have been in two different wards; first, a LONG time, second, as for now, five days XD
I'm not sure if I'm braking rules by photographing the hospital but... I think it's okay as long as I don't photo any other people. Right?


iEevee's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Current Residence: Vaasa
Favourite genre of music: New Age Rock
Favourite style of art: Anything personal
Operating System: Windows 10
MP3 player of choice: My cell-phone
Favourite cartoon character: Inuyasha!!!!!!!!!!!1
Personal Quote: Moro.
More about me: I was born Feb. 20th 1994, so I am 23 now. I have pretty severe schizophrenia (yes, SCHIZOPHRENIA!), and because of that, I am in a mental hospital while writing this. This does not mean I'm a crazy, murdering idiot. I do enjoy drawing and writing blood, macabre stuff and sick-fics, I don't know why.
Arcanine and Mew are my favorite Pokemon. I love bunnies, wolves, raccoons and bisons. My favorite foods are anything with pasta in it, especially lasagne. I put ketchup in almost every food, including soups. I have studied Japanese since 2009. My mom died 2015.
  • Listening to: Flying Condor
Quess what? I just bought myself a big, size A3 scanner! Thats why I have been submitting so much art lately. Thank you all for faving and commenting. Remember that every comment and fave warms my heart,  even if I didnt thank you. :)Giggle 


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